Energy_Star_logoOur attention to architectural style for window trimming, and high quality glazing for Energy Reduction is not only an attractive improvement to your home, it is also fiscally responsible.   Ask About Energy Star Efficiency!

Did you know Windows attribute to 18% to 20% of your home’s loss of hot or cool air?  If you have older windows, or poor grade windows, energy loss can double, and in turn double your energy bills.

Pro Guard Roofing & Restoration Inc. offers new construction for our builders, and replacement windows for existing structures.  Window replacement for your home or office is not only a purchase that looks great, but can save you a bundle on your home heating and cooling costs.

Signs Your Windows Needs To Be Replaced:

  • Fogging between window panes.
  • Drafts from closed windows.
  • High energy bills from lack of energy efficient windows.
  • Frosting that accumulates on the Window during cold temperatures.
  • Drapes, furniture, and carpet are faded from the sun’s rays through uncoated glass.
  • Windows are painted or nailed shut, which poses a safety issue and preventing escape during a fire.  Painting and Nailing windows shut can also cause rotting between wooden framing members.
  • Windows have missing hardware, cracked glass, water stains, and the frames are chipped or warped.
  • It is difficult to open or close the windows, and cleaning them is next to impossible.

If you are seeing any of these signs, please call us today for a free quote.